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Sunday, February 01, 2009


The land of ice and snow

Actually, it's not quite this cold at the moment. But I hear we're due for some more nasty weather soon. :(

As you may recall, last week I mentioned that there actually are some games on the DS that offer a true "Real Time" strategy experience. One of those games is Robocalypse.

This game has everything you'd expect from a Real-Time strategy game - buildings where you can manufacture units, merciless foes, heroic leaders, all wrapped up in an amusing storyline told with brilliantly drawn cartoons. What more could you ask for? Well, for one thing, it'd be nice to have the units actually go where you direct them to, and an interface that makes it easy to change said orders.

To be honest, I haven't played much of this game, since Age of Empires: Mythologies is taking up so much of my time. Actually, I've got four games I'm trying to finish: Age of Mythologies, Lock's Quest, Robocalypse and The World Ends with You. But all is not lost. I actually did finish a game recently - Picross. Yes, I've finally completed all of the shipped puzzles plus the roughly 1,000 downloadable puzzles for this game. It looks like there aren't any more puzzles for this game forthcoming, so I think I can safely put this one away. Though I may check for new puzzles every month or so, just to be on the safe side.

Good thing no one ever reads this blog or I may not have time to play any games at all. See you (?) next week.


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