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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Working Daze - What Happened?

For the past four years, I've had the pleasure of working with John Zakour to create the daily comic feature Working Daze for United Media. But as many of you may have noticed, a new artist has taken over. What happened?

I decided that doing the drawing duties for Working Daze was just not the best use of my time. It was a lot of work for very little money - a situation that I did not see changing any time soon. Additionally, working more than 100 hours a month didn't give me a lot of personal time. And now that I've started a new job, I want a little more time for things beside drawing lots of cartoons for low pay.

Don't get me wrong - I truly enjoyed working with John these past few years. I also enjoyed hearing from folks who enjoyed Working Daze. I guess what they say is true - you don't know what you've got til it's gone. Don't worry - I'll continue to draw Gamecreature cartoons on a weekly basis.

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Congrats on the new gig, and while I'm sorry to hear about WD, it's hard to argue.

BTW, before deciding, did you consider WWWDD? (What Would Working Daze Do?) ;)
Sorry to see you go. The new artist...??? meh... not so good.
100 hrs a week is great for a part-time gig, but out here in the working world, the rest of us putting in a 40 hours week are thus woring 173.3 hours a month. Hope you find something worthy of your talents ... or maybe something else that you're willing to commit more hours to, such as a part-time job, that can bring in more bucks. For more decades than I can remeber, I've been pulling a 40+ hour job + working a 2nd, p/t job + trying to do some consulting on the side ... all to keep a roof over our head and the family fed.
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