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Monday, August 27, 2007


Two guys talking

Hey folks, welcome to Monday! A new week, a new cartoon and a new blog entry. Maybe it's just me, but I get a little tired of small talk in RPG games. I've just started playing Luminous Arc for the Nintendo DS and there is a lot of small talk in it. By that I mean the characters natter to each other about trivial matters that I suppose are meant to help us get to know them better, but contain little or no useful information relating to the game. To be fair, this game is pretty linear - you go from A to B to C, defeating enemies along the way. In fact, the only place where you feel that you're really in control is in the combat sections of the game (which folks familiar with Final Fantasy Tactics will feel right at home with). I have to admit that the game is really good to look at, with a full cell animated intro complete with J-pop soundtrack and actual voice acting throughout the game.

In other news, school starts today which means no more fighting for the computer, at least in the mornings. Wahoo! It also means that I'm usually the one giving the fur distribution unit her morning walks. But hey, I'm supposed to be getting more exercise, right?

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This means you'll have more naked time too ^_^ Naked time is good for you.

Oh my! That's definitely not small talk, Kitty! :)
Teehee. But I don't do small talk ^_^

Oh, and I didn't start it this time! Someone else mentioned a lack of pants first.

Tsk, am I going to have to turn off anonymous posting?
t_t fine I'll behave, even if it is no fun.

It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. ;)
Then it's just fun! ^_^

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