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Monday, August 06, 2007



The gang is trying to find ways to improve the Gamecreature site. Wise-cracking cats need not apply.

Seriously, I'm looking to spruce up this place, but it'll be a long process. As always, your suggestions are welcome.

Got a few more games to bring to your attention. A few oldies and one new game - Picross for the Nintendo DS. Those of you folks who are looking for some mental stimulation on the DS and are sick and tired of all of the Sudoku offerings, this is the game for you. I'll post a review later this week.

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Hmmm... Maybe a way to leave comments about particular comics?

Maybe invite users to tag comics?

Lemme keep thinking...
Excellent suggestions, Mark. The current scripts won't let me do that. On the other hand, all I need to do is drop the image of the new comic in the appropriate directory and it takes care of the rest. Still, I'd like to find some way to maintain unique information (title and comments) for each comic without having to generate new html for each page - that could get pretty messy. Unfortunately I don't know the first thing about these scripts or how to write 'em. Know anyone that can help?
Hmmm... I dunno how that stuff would work within the blog template you're using.

Honestly, my HTML and/or PHP knowledge is really REALLY basic, so I can't offer any advice personally.

Lemme keep thinking...
Let me ask the guys at ProjectWish. Raz helped Sagebrush with her redsign so he might be helpful. Don't hold your breath though 'cause he's also an ass >.>

Personally I've always wondered why you have big blank stripes to the left and right. Why don't you use that area to display some of your art work? I'm sure some bunny girls would help improve the popularity of the site =P

Actually, making the center of the page wider is part of my plan. I've got to find a happy medium, however, as I don't want to make the default resolution so high that I can't make it out with my tired old eyes!
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