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Monday, June 11, 2007



Hard to believe, but spending all day on the computer takes a lot out of you.

When I took computer math in High School, the hot game was Star Trek, a text-based game that used math and vectors to wage starship battles across imagined star systems. In it you went from sector to sector, finding Klingons and blasting them to atoms. The game became quite challenging as the Klingons ganged up on you and your own resources dwindled. A few years later, Sega created the Star Trek arcade game to coincide with the release of the Star Trek movie. When I played it, I was suprised (and a little pleased) to find out that the Sega game had little to do with the film and was really just an updated version of the classic Star Trek game that we played on my school's teletype. It's great fun, but the wheel control takes a bit of getting used to. 25 years later and I have laid my hands on Star Trek Legacy. So far, I'm still in the early days of the Federation, commanding Captain Archer's Enterprise. The thing maneuvers like a brick and there are no shields. Hopefully the ship's performance will improve in the later years of the Federation. Like the earlier Star Trek games, this game is all about finding the enemy ships and blowing them out of space. Only time will tell if it'll take me back to those early days of the first Star Trek game. But I'm willing to take the ride. If you're a true Star Trek geek like me, you'll get a kick out of this game.

Next week is the 100th Gamecreature comic. Does anybody care?

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That game looks like fun, but is it too technical for a novice like me?

Also, about the 100th GC; I care!

Can't wait to see it! Sny big plot twist secrets you'd care to share?
The funny thing about this latest round of Star Trek games is that they apparantly made different games for different platforms. In some cases this is easy to spot (PS2 "Encounters" vs. XBox360 "Legacy") but in the case of XBox360 Legacy vs. PC Legacy, the game lost something in translation. In fact, of the latest motley collection of Star Trek games, Legacy seems to be getting the best reviews.

As for complexity, this is certainly not the most complex space combat game out there, and the interface is fairly easy to get used to. However, it can be a little frustrating to folks used to the smooth-flying X-Wing fighter. Which is not surprising, as the X-wing is the P-38 Mustang to the Enterprise's Battleship.

Plot twists? There's a plot? I knew I forgot something...
Good stuff here. I loved your caption from the colbert challenge!

Thanks for dropping by. I was out all day today so I haven't had a chance to update the blog - but the cartoon is all new. Hope you like it.
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