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Monday, June 25, 2007


SiCKO, the Game

Since it seems that nearly every movie released during the summer months gets made into a game, it's only a matter of time before events in this week's comic become reality.

Those of you who think that a game based on SiCKO might be a good idea, you're not alone. The folks at Maxis made a game called Sim Hospital back in the mid 90's. Not to be confused with Theme Hospital that was made by Bullfrog Games (and distributed by Electronic Arts, the folks that control Maxis and the Sims franchises) Sim Hospital was a simulation that was meant to demonstrate to city and government leaders the challenges of balancing the costs of providing quality medical care with the needs of the community. While I've played Sim Hospital, I don't recall if it was ever sold in stores. It's certainly a much more cerebral exercise than Theme Hospital, which populates its wards with cartoon figures with imaginary maladies.

Well, that's my piece for today. Come back soon!

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I want to play Sim Cartoonist where the character waits by the mailbox for a sale and periodically cries in the fetal position.
There needs to be a mod for that in Sims.
Wrongness I say! Wrongness!

<.< and further more I see this is just an attempt to get me to create a google account. But you fail! Haha! I choose Anonymous!

Nay nay!
Well, I tried to come up with a movie title they couldn't possibly make a game out of. I must have succeeded. :)
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