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Monday, May 14, 2007


What friends are for

Looks like GC has found a new friend. We'll find out what sort of person he is later.

Speaking of Monopoly, Winning Moves has taken the old classic and finally done something new with it (and I'm not talking about renaming the properties and adding new tokens). The result is Monopoly: The Mega Edition. What, you may ask, makes it "Mega?" Well, the board is bigger - there are 12 additional spaces on the board, with new properties and other additions. Skyscrapers have been added for folks who want a step beyond the hotels. A third die has been introduced to not only let you go a bit farther, but sometimes gets you an extra move. Believe it or not, all of these changes have been added to make a wilder, faster game. I have not tried it yet, but it certainly looks interesting.

More game ruminations to come. Thanks for dropping by!

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That game looks like a total hoot! I just added it to my Amazon wish list.

My wife and I love to play board games, and Monopoly gets in there now and again. But after so many years, the strategy is pretty easy.

This looks like a nice improvement.

BTW, have you tried the Monopoly card game? LOTS of fun!
Why yes, I do. I was just thinking about playing it again. Another fast and fun monopoly-based card game is "Free Parking." Check it out! :)
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