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Friday, May 11, 2007


Do you remember...

Intellivision? It was the videogame system manufactured by Mattel that was meant to revolutionize the way we played games. Folks who were dissatisfied with the graphics on the Atari 2600 were quick to embrace the quality and versatility of the Intellivision system. (This was long before the XBox/PS2 wars, but the parallels are easy to see). Intellivision could never top Atari's perch at the top of the game ladder (heck, not even Atari could knock the 2600 off when they introduced their 5200 system) and it wasn't much later that the console game industry took a steep dive, only to re-emerge stronger than ever in the 90's.

I found a site that is a wealth of information on the Intellivision and the games people played on it. There's even a few downloads of games, and yes, they're selling software and hardware in case you find the new-fangled games just too much. Check it out.

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This is great. I loved intellivision when I was a kid, and I think there are still a few worn out consoles and cartridges in my parents basement.
I gave mine away when I upgraded to a computer. I downloaded one of the packs from that website and found myself playing Beauty and the Beast for quite some time. Boy, that brought back memories!
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