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Monday, June 05, 2006


Why we game.

The dialog in this week's cartoon comes from my son (more or less). I thought it sounded amusing so I built a cartoon around it. But it sort of underlines the lengths we go to while seeking entertainment. We're willing to put up with some inconvenience and suspending of disbelief if the payoff is worth it. In this case (Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter) it was worth the effort. But I stress that the margin is very low. Once the player steps over the threshhold from playing a game to merely pushing buttons, they will not tolerate very much. Ideally, you want the player to stay within the fantasy that you've created, where even the failures stay within the reality that you've established. More on that later.

Arcade Update - Some Artwork
I hadn't intended to make this a weekly update, but what the heck. I do a little on this thing every weekend and I like to share my results. I filled the holes in the control panel with wood putty and sanded it down. It's ready for the new control panel overlay which I finshed:

Now I just need to finish the marquee and then I'll send them both off to the printers. Whew!
That cabinet cover is very pretty.
Waht are you planning on printing it on?
Hi Alex. I'm having it printed at a printing house that specializes in such things. It will be laminated and it's supposed to stand up to just about anything. I'll post photos when I get it put together.
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