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Sunday, October 23, 2005



Somewhere along the line, edginess has become just another word for tasteless. I'm not sure where it began, whether it was with Eddie Murphy's "raw" stand-up routine or the irreverent cartoons of Matt Groening. Even now, I see folks who are quick to label something as edgy and then misunderstand the qualities that might make something edgy. In comedy, edginess comes from wit, an unapologetic irreverence and a fervent desire to skewer sacred cows. What it does not come from is mean-spiritedness, a not-so-secret agenda or an over inflated ego. And it certainly does not come from frequent use of foul language. I know that Gamecreature is one of many game-related web comics out there, but it appears to be one of the few that seems to be able to convey a thought without using words frequently heard during a late-night effort of two drunken teens trying to get their car out of a muddy ditch. In my opinion, if you can’t manage a sentence without breaking down into swearing, then you just haven’t learned to use language creatively. To be honest, I’m not trying to get anyone to change the way they manage their own creations. They can do what they want and more power to them. For myself, I intend to take the high road.

MORE PUMPKIN FUN! As promised, a second Gamecreature pumpkin pattern has been posted in the media section. Enjoy!
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