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Sunday, October 09, 2005


Dealing with Change

Nothing is stagnant in today’s world and no where is this more evident than in the software industry. Many factors contribute to the constant drumbeat of change, including new and improved hardware, the demands of users and the constant threat of obsolescence. A worker could become sick and drive the project far behind schedule or the client could make a requirement to comply with the license. Since change is inevitable, it seems like a good idea to prepare for it. I am not suggesting that we second-guess ourselves. Rather, we should always put out our best effort but have contingencies ready for when change rears its ugly head. A change in schedule will most likely result in some rather severe editing of the scope of the project. By the same token, being open to change must be used judiciously. Adopting the latest “gee-whiz” features when they come out runs the risk of delaying the project so much that it never sees the light of day.

So what do you do when faced with all of this change? The best you can do is be aware that it is out there, but don’t let it get in the way of what you’re trying to do. Don’t forget, change is good. See you next week!
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