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Friday, August 05, 2005


Play Nice

When my kids get together to play competitive games, they get too, um, competitive. It's not long before the tempers flare and accusations fly. My daughter, trying to understand, said "but when my friends get together and play, we don't have any problems."

"Exactly," I pointed out to her. "You're not friends with your brother."

So until my children can learn to be friends while playing on the Xbox, they can no longer play competive games. They can only play cooperative games where everyone works toward a common goal. We'll see how long that lasts. I'd dearly love to get some suggestions on some decent 2-player cooperative games on the Xbox - post your ideas below!
Hard for me to give any advce, since I dn't have kids and the time when I was Kid was Computer-free. I remember tough that loosing at Monopoly was a problem for me ;) The girl next door always wanted to play that witrh me. No wonder, she always won :(
Me and my 7 year old daughter play cooperative Gaunlet Dark Legacy on xbox. Dated graphics but big fun!

My 13 yr old daughter have fun playing cooperative Sims Bustin' Out on xbox with friends and her little sister. We rented the Urbz on xbox but she didn't like it as much as Bustin' Out, but that maybe another good cooperative gaming option to look at. Sims 2 comes to xbox in November.
Diana - Yes, when my children play a game, there's usually this long period of one child begging the other to play, followed by a grudging acceptance and inevitable accusations from the beggar that the other sibling isn't taking the game seriously enough (which they aren't). It's always something, isn't it?

Die - We definitely think alike! We own both Gauntlet and the Sims - We used to have great times playing it together, but the kids complain that they're tired of it, having maxed out the characters, etc. I'm considering renting Dungeons and Dragons Heroes, because it has a similar style. And the kids have complained about Demon Stone not being multi-player like X-men Legends...
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